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There’s no better feeling than walking barefoot on a supremely soft carpet after a long day! With reliable stain resistance and longstanding performance warranties, you don’t have to worry about life with kids, pets, and hosting get-togethers on your carpet. In addition to the stunning neutral tones that lend color and aesthetic to your design scheme, different patterns and textures will add even more visual interest to your warm, soft surface.

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At, we strive to offer a wide range of top-quality carpet options that gives our clients expanded design capability to capture any vision or aesthetic. You can explore different carpet materials that will serve your household conditions, specific rooms, and budget parameters the best. In an active home, we love how engaging carpet patterns and textures can help mask dirt and debris in between cleanings. We even carry sustainable carpet options that keep the planet in mind!


Hand-selected for you. Browse our collections of soft flooring:

the ECHO collection

Unveil the perfect patterned carpets for style and comfort in Charlotte, NC
Our stunning patterned styles include geometric squares, chevrons, and swirls, perfect for hiding soil and stains between cleanings.

the VERSO collection

Discover the incredible touch and appearance of textured carpet in Charlotte, NC
Enjoy the supreme softness of textured carpets, while finding dynamic flooring solutions for your home.

Installation & Maintenance

When it comes to installing and caring for gorgeous carpet, homeowners in the Charlotte, NC area can rely on the expertise of the flooring professionals.