The Solo Collection

Explore the Unmistakable Richness of Real Wood Floors in Charlotte, North Carolina

For Technical Excellence, It Stands Alone

Real hardwood floors invite you in with a timeless charm, providing a beautiful foundation for your home while giving your spaces the authenticity they deserve.

Our real wood flooring solutions are:

– Expertly crafted with 100% hardwood made of precision and care, promising long-lasting beauty

– Sourced from the Appalachian region, renowned for its consistent colors, refined grains, and superior stability

– Customizable according to your flooring needs, with a premium selection of stain colors and finish types

– Complete with years of experience and hardwood flooring contractors providing both refinishing and new installation services

Our hardwood floor installation services are available in the Charlotte area, and in the surrounding areas, for all ambitious homeowners.

With more types of flooring materials than you can count, our flooring experts are here to guide you.



Waterproof products feature joints that keep water from leaking through gaps, and a premium finish that traps moisture on the surface to prevent penetration.


Products featuring our StainGuard technology come with a premium stain and soil protection that wears 2x better than ordinary polyurethane.


Products featuring our ScratchGuard technology have a premium finish that is 4x more scratch-resistant than ordinary polyurethane finishes.


Products featuring our DentGuard technology come with a reinforced wood core that is engineered to be 5x more dent-resistant than ordinary hardwood.


Sustainable Hardwood Floors in Charlotte, NC

Discover the perfect combination of beauty and sustainability with our eco-friendly hardwood floor collection.

Crafted with a commitment to environmental consciousness, the Solo Collection’s sustainable flooring options add elegance to your home while contributing to a greener future through responsibly sourced and thoughtfully engineered new hardwood floors.

With our Solo Collection, you can:

– Support the green movement with eco-conscious choices without compromising on style

– Enjoy waterproof real wood floors with a premium finish to trap moisture and prevent water damage

– Make the best of StainGuard, ScratchGuard, and DentGuard technology for flawless, dent-free, and dustless flooring that outperforms ordinary polyurethane finishes

The Solo Collection is a force of nature and the perfect marriage between craftsmanship, durability, and environmental consciousness.’s flooring professionals guarantee you get the optimal hardwood floor services that delight both you and the planet.

Timeless and Elegant Flooring Solution

Our wide selection of hardwood flooring stands for sophistication, together with a splash of luxury for your living spaces.’s Solo Collection:

– Elevates your home with rich and authentic character that only real wood can provide

– Effortlessly blends in with any decor, complementing your unique tastes and aesthetics

– Provides easy maintenance options with regular sweeping and gentle cleaning sufficient to keep your floors looking spotless and pristine

Experience the beauty of real wood beneath your feet with the Solo Collection’s flooring solutions.

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Are you ready to experience exquisite hardwood flooring? Looking for pre-finished or laminate flooring to take your home to the next level?

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Whether you’re in the market for a home improvement project for your existing hardwood floors, requiring hardwood floor refinishing services, floor repairs, or investing in a totally new flooring project, we’ve got you.

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