The Flow Collection

Experience Real Porcelain Tile for Every Space in Your Home in Charlotte, NC


Ride the new waves of innovation in tile flooring with’s Flow Collection.

We invite you to dive into the future of flooring and discover:

– Tile solutions that offer a fusion of classic charm and modern innovation, presenting the finest in real porcelain tile for Charlotte homeowners

– A wide array of design options, from traditional upscale marble and travertine to the contemporary allure of stone, concrete, and wood looks

– Porcelain quality that goes beyond the surface with water, stain, scratch, and dent-proof tiles to ensure exceptional longevity for your cherished spaces

– Elevated comfort that goes beyond durability with tiles crafted to reduce sound transmission, perfect for second-story rooms where tranquility reigns has several years of experience under the belt, offering you the brilliance of both flooring contractors and flooring experts that can bring about a revolution in tile installation.

Even better, with tiles that lock into place, the Flow Collections reduces installation times by half compared to traditional porcelain.



Porcelain tile is impervious to liquid, and its ability to withstand spills and puddles makes it the right flooring choice for bathrooms and kitchens.


With its low porosity, porcelain doesn’t stain — and with our StainGuard technology, FLOW products can withstand coffee, wine and the muddiest messes.


Naturally scratch-proof, our products continue to look good and perform well even after years of heavy traffic.


Dents and dings are no longer a worry with the innate durability and exceptional strength of porcelain tile.


Elegant Porcelain Tiles for Home Improvement in Charlotte, NC

Choose the Flow Collection if you have a Charlotte home improvement project that requires a delightful combination of elegance, durability, and beauty in porcelain.

With the Flow Collection, you can:

– Experience the resilience of porcelain tile that’s impervious to liquid, making it the perfect choice for kitchen and bathroom tiles, where spills and puddles are no match

– Discover unparalleled stain resistance with our StainGuard technology, ensuring your Flow tiles can withstand even the toughest stains, from coffee and wine to the muddiest messes

– Bid adieu to worries of dents and dings, as the innate durability and strength of porcelain tile ensure your floors stand firm for years to come

Are you ready to enjoy the enduring promise of porcelain tile even after years of heavy use? Try the Flow Collection.

Blend Beauty and Durability With Porcelain Tiles

With the Flow Collection, you can experience the perfect marriage of aesthetics and exceptional strength.’s Flow Collection offers:

– Stunning visuals to immerse your space in the elegance of porcelain tile styles, offering a diverse range of patterns to fit your aesthetic needs

– Lasting durability that effortlessly resists liquids, stains, dents, and scratches

– Versatility in design, whether you’re remodeling your bathroom, creating a striking backsplash, or reinventing your living spaces

With the Flow collection, you can take your home to the next level with porcelain tiles that stand for classic beauty and modern technology.

Whatever your needs, is here to seamlessly complement your preferences with a variety of design styles and new products.

Elevate Your Home With’s Flow Collection

Tired of mulling over more flooring stores, flooring installation guides, and more retailers/tile shops than you can count?

The Flow Collection is on the map, and it’s your path to lasting elegance and strength within your home.

Are you ready to build the living space of your dreams? The Flow Collection can be your best friend, inviting you to embrace a world of exquisite charm and enduring durability in porcelain tile.

Whether you’re looking for ceramic tile, natural stone, quartzite, or even laminate flooring, we’ve got your back. With, you can unleash a world of possibilities where beauty and strength coexist in your home.

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