The Evo Collection

Elevate Your Space with Luxurious Vinyl Flooring in Charlotte, North Carolina


Indulge in the beauty of realistic wood textures, unmatched durability, and water-resistance vinyl flooring. Perfect for high-traffic areas, gathering spaces, and more.

Our luxurious vinyl plank flooring solutions are:

– Unparalleled in the evolution of style and resilience

– Hand-selected from leading manufacturers with a wear layer, image layer, resilient core, and backing

– Designed to withstand the toughest challenges with resistance to scratches, stains, dents, and water damage

– Perfect for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and playrooms

Our vinyl floor installation comes equipped with warranty coverage, ensuring your investment stays protected.



All products feature water-tight joints that prevent water from leaking through gaps, and are built with an impenetrable surface that make them waterproof.


Products featuring our stain-resistant technology offer stain and soil protection that stands up to daily foot traffic and unexpected messes.


Products featuring our anti-scratch technology come with a finish that is more scratch-resistant than an ordinary poly product.


Products featuring our DentGuard technology come with a reinforced mineral core that is engineered to be 25x more dent-resistant than WPC Vinyl Plank.


Exceptional Vinyl Flooring in Charlotte, NC

Due to its versatility, durability, and affordability, vinyl flooring has become an increasingly popular flooring project choice in Charlotte, NC.

Backed by several years of experience and several types of flooring, promises honesty, integrity, and transparency that ensures you make a well-informed decision. Our flooring company is here to help you choose luxury vinyl flooring that perfectly complements your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

With our Evo Collection, you can:

– Experience the authentic charm of realistic wood textures
– Enjoy the beauty of hardwood flooring without maintenance concerns
– Enhance the accessibility and appeal of your living spaces with vinyl flooring’s exceptional durability against scratches, stains, and dents

By choosing the Evo Collection’s quality floor coverings, you’re not just investing in exceptional products.

You’re also creating a space that exemplifies beauty, practicality, and long-lasting appeal, ensuring every square foot of your wood flooring journey is effortless and enjoyable.

Resilient and Durable Flooring Solution

The Evo collection invites you to embrace sustainable flooring, crafted to withstand everyday wear and tear with the flair of flawless, timeless appeal.

The Evo collection:

– Goes beyond the ordinary, standing tall against scratches, stains, dents, and the rigors of daily life

– Unleashes the full potential of your home with an enduring and reliable flooring solution

– Elevates your living space with the comfort and elegance of real wood textures and colors

With our luxurious vinyl floors, you can sit back and relax, knowing your home is built to handle the challenges of active families, pets, and bustling activity, without compromising on aesthetics.

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Transform your home with the timeless allure of luxury laminate flooring.

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