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WHY CHOOSE laminate?

From remodels to renovations, laminate flooring is an incredibly valuable flooring option to consider for your timely projects. In addition to offering floating or glue down installation methods, laminate is more affordable to purchase than real hardwood or stone. With a tough multi-layered construction and reinforced finishes, laminate is suitable for your high-traffic areas and active households. Many laminate options also provide moisture protection for bathroom and kitchen conditions.

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TYPES OF laminate

If you are looking to complete a quick flooring installation over an existing surface, floating floor laminate installation will save you from the time-consuming process of removing an old surface. Depending on the performance factors that are most important to you, select a laminate option that is warranted for waterproof protection or enhanced scratch resistance. We also love using larger laminate formats and planks for greater realism from the finished floor.


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With advanced construction, laminated wood is one of the most versatile, durable, and easy-to-maintain flooring materials available.

Installation & Maintenance

When it comes to installing and caring for attractive laminate, homeowners in the Charlotte, NC area can rely on the expertise of the flooring professionals.