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6 Key Questions To Ask When Comparing Flooring Estimates

If you’ve ever gotten multiple quotes for flooring (or any other home project), you know estimates can vary pretty dramatically. There are a lot of reasons for this, including product sourcing, availability and quality; how contractors staff and price labor; and other factors.

What’s more, there’s no one way contractors structure estimates, which means what’s included with one might be an add-on cost with another.

It can feel like a lot if you’re trying to compare apples to apples.

We think you have enough information to sift through when shopping for your new flooring, and you shouldn’t have to worry about hunting down hidden fees and add-on costs to understand the all-in price in your estimates, too.

That’s why we offer one low, all-inclusive price per square foot in every estimate. Our quotes include all the things you’d expect – and likely several things you don’t. When we say all-in, we mean it: all materials, expert installation, furniture removal, demolition and more. No surprises, no hidden fees – just high-quality, worry-free floors you’ll love, at one low price.

If you’re currently comparing flooring estimates or planning to do it in the near future, here are a few questions to consider:

Does Your Quote Include Flooring And Installation?

Yes, it’s possible to save money by DIYing your installation, but doing so can be tedious and pose unexpected challenges.

Making sure your estimate includes installation by a pro team that has seen – and can efficiently troubleshoot – it all can reduce your risk of delays, extra costs and potential damage.

Who’s Responsible For Prepping And Reassembling Your Space?

Most flooring contractors will require you to roll up your rugs, move your furniture and otherwise empty the room before their work begins – and it’ll be on you to put it all back when they’re done.

We include this work standard on every all-inclusive estimate, and our team of certified installers will move your furniture and valuables with the same care as if they were their own.

Is Disconnection / Reconnection Of Appliances Included?

If you’re replacing old kitchen or laundry room floors, you’ll need to move large appliances like your refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer.

Here again, it’s important to understand whether this is your responsibility or whether your contractor will handle it – and, if so, if there’s an added price. If your appliances are natural gas, be sure whomever is moving them is licensed and certified to do so.

Is Demolition Included?

Who’s ripping out your old carpet, pulling up the carpet staples, popping up those warped hardwoods or chiseling out that grimy tile?

Yes, most flooring contractors do demo work – and haul away your old flooring – but unlike, most don’t include it in the quoted base price.

What About Secondary Materials And The Labor Associated With Them?

This can include anything from prepping your space with tarp or plastic to keep demo dust to a minimum, to completing finishing touches like trim.

Talk to your potential contractor before you sign to make sure your definitions of a “finished” job are the same, and be clear on what’s included and what will cost you extra.

Does Your Quote Include Shipping And Delivery Fees?

These fees can be especially tough for homeowners to swallow now that, thanks to Amazon and other online retailers, free delivery has become the norm.

Note whether these fees are baked into your base price or listed as a separate line item. It’s also a good idea to ask whether materials will be shipped to your home prior to installation day (and if so, how early), so you can create space to store things if needed.

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