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How To Choose The Most Durable Floors For Dogs & Cats

If you have four-legged family members at home, we’re willing to bet you’ve done a bit of Googling on the best types of floors for dogs and cats as part of your flooring research.

Whether you’re shopping for hardwoods, laminated wood, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or carpet, look for options that offer added durability, including:


Protect your floors from water bowl spills, post-bath shake and sprays, and house-training mishaps with hard or soft surfaces that offer added moisture-resistance.

All of our hardwood and laminated wood products feature joints that keep water from leaking through gaps, and a premium finish that traps moisture on the surface to prevent penetration.

The options in our luxury vinyl plank collection also offer water-tight joints and are built with an impenetrable, waterproof surface.

Prefer the cozy comfort of carpet? Check out our pattern carpet collection, which comes standard with a waterproof backing that prevents spills from seeping through to the padding and subfloor below, or our texture carpet collection, which features our SpillGuard moisture barrier padding at no extra charge.


When it comes to shopping for durable floors for cats and dogs, locking out moisture is only part of the story. Also look for vinyl, laminate or other flooring that can stand up to your pup’s playtime zoomies, kitty’s cat scratches and other nail-related misadventures.

Here again, the hard surfaces in our curated collection are engineered with added pet-friendly benefits.

The products in our hardwood and laminated wood collections feature ScratchGuard technology, a premium finish that’s four times more scratch-resistant than ordinary polyurethane finishes.

Our LVP collection features even greater protection, with a premium finish that’s five times more scratch-resistant than an ordinary poly finish.

Finally, our tile products offer an enhanced aluminum oxide coating for added protection that provides superior scratch resistance to ordinary urethane finishes.


Of course, we can’t talk about the most durable floors for dogs and cats without also talking about stain resistance. Instead of worrying about muddy paws, upset tummies and other pet-related spills, find a flooring choice that prevents stains from setting in.

We offer StainGuard technology across all products in our hardwood and laminated wood collections. This soil and stain protection is twice as strong as ordinary polyurethane.

This protection is even stronger in our vinyl plank flooring collection, which offers five times more soil and stain resistance than ordinary poly finishes.

Finally, both our pattern and texture carpet collections provide added stain resistance, so all you have to do is wipe things up and get back to the four-legged fun.

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