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6 Reasons To Have A Pro Install Your Floors

We get it: With the cost of just about everything on the rise, you might be wondering if you can save money by installing your new wood, vinyl or tile flooring yourself (or with a little weekend help from your friends).

Yes, a successful DIY could give you both satisfaction and bragging rights. But in most instances, installing new flooring is a lengthy, labor-intensive process best handled by an experienced flooring contractor.

Here are six reasons we recommend going pro for your next flooring project:

Certified Installers Are Experts In Their Craft

Our Certified Installers have spent years honing their skills, and all are specialists in either flooring or carpeting. But their expertise doesn’t stop there.

MyNewFloor.com is the first and only flooring retailer in the Charlotte area to require certifications for its installers. In addition to having at least five years of experience, each of our installers has also completed a rigorous testing and credentialing program.

No Packing Or Unpacking Before Or After Installation

If you’ve been putting off your flooring project because you’re dreading having to move your things or empty your room beforehand, we have good news: Our Certified Installers do that work for you.

Our professional, highly trained team will do the heavy lifting to move furniture and other belongings both before and after your new floors are installed.

How’s that for easy?

Experienced Teams Can Troubleshoot Efficiently

Take on enough home projects and you’ll quickly come to learn that, somewhere along the way, you’re bound to encounter something that doesn’t go exactly according to plan.

If you’ve opted to DIY your flooring install, the solution could be a quick fix – or it could require more nuanced troubleshooting. Choosing expert installers who’ve seen it all can drastically reduce your risk of timeline delays, extra costs and potential damage to your home.

Hours – Or Days – Back For Other Diy (Or r&r)

True, if you have some DIY experience you could attempt to do your flooring installation yourself. But wouldn’t you rather use that free time for a less-physically demanding project or some quality time with friends and family?

Installing flooring and carpet is all our Certified Installers do. That means our team has every challenging step down to a science and works as one to complete your job efficiently.

Peace Of Mind That Your Job Is Done Right

We live and work in the Charlotte area, too, and we take great pride in helping our neighbors from South Charlotte to Lake Norman find, finance and install great-looking floors they love.

Our installers don’t stop learning when they earn their certifications. They continue to receive specialty training and support from Mohawk, Shaw and other MyNewFloor.com manufacturers so they can complete your job quickly, accurately and professionally.

In addition, all our Certified Installers are fully insured.

Installation Built Into Low, All-inclusive Pricing

Maybe the best reason to use Certified Installers for your next flooring project? The cost of installation is already reflected in your one-price-per-square-foot quote.

When we say “all-inclusive pricing,” we mean it. No upcharges. No hidden fees. No surprises, ever. We make it easy to budget for your project and choose the right floors for your home.

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