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The Best Floors For Kitchens & Bathrooms

October is National Kitchen and Bath Month, and to celebrate, we’re taking a closer look at the best floors for each space.

Whether you have a remodel on the horizon or you’re just beginning to dream about redesigning your space, read on to learn more about questions to consider, what to look for when shopping and our top flooring recommendations for both rooms.

Best Floors For Kitchens

Your kitchen is one of the most highly trafficked areas in your home. As such, it plays a lot of roles – cooking and eating area, social space, home office, homework headquarters and more.

This means your choice of flooring needs to do more than beautifully complement your cabinets. It also needs to stand up to extended wear, resist scratches and dents, and, because spills are virtually guaranteed, stop moisture damage before it happens.

The hard surfaces in our curated collection do all of this, and offer the added benefits of fade and stain resistance:

The laminated wood floors in our NOVO COLLECTION are some of the most versatile, durable and easy-to-maintain flooring options available. Every product in this collection also features water-tight joints for extra peace of mind.

Within our SOLO COLLECTION of hardwood floors, you can choose your preferred wood species, stain color and finish for a truly customized look to complement any kitchen. The best part: These waterproof floors trap moisture at the surface and prevent penetration.

Love the look of wood but want extra wear-and-tear protection? Consider the increasingly popular luxury vinyl plank options in our EVO COLLECTION. Some styles feature added scratch- and stain-resistant technology for exceptionally active households.

Kitchen Flooring Faq

What’s The Best Dog-friendly Kitchen Flooring?

When shopping for pet-friendly flooring, look for products with added benefits like dent-, scratch- and moisture-resistance. All of these bonus protections will help your floors stand up to everyday pup playtime, zoomies and water spills.

Can You Put Wood Floors In The Kitchen?

If your real wood floors feature added water protection like those in our SOLO COLLECTION, yes, you absolutely can! Our worry-free floors feature waterproof joints and a premium finish that work together to stop spills at the surface. Just wipe up the spill and get on with your day.

Is There A Kitchen Tile That Looks Like Wood?

Yes, select styles within our HYDRO COLLECTION of engineered tile mimic the look of real wood (check out Palisade Night Owl and Palisade Tender Twig as examples). These floors are warmer to the touch than ceramic or porcelain tile and are installed without grout.

Best Floors For Bathrooms

Though (hopefully) not quite as busy of a space as your kitchen, your bathroom does share one major common flooring consideration: moisture resistance.

But that doesn’t mean your options are limited for creating a statement powder room or a master bath that’s your ideal oasis.

In fact, you might be surprised to know our current go-to flooring choice for bathrooms isn’t tile. Instead, right now we’re loving the look of the SOLO Acadia line of hardwood floors.

Yep, you read that right: Hardwoods – in the bathroom.

All of the Acadia floors in our SOLO COLLECTION are fully waterproof and feature a host of additional product benefits like stain-, scratch- and dent-resistance. You can choose between white oak or hickory hardwood, a smooth or low-gloss finish, and many different stains for a bathroom look that truly fits your design style.

Of course, if you prefer the look of modern tile in your half-bath, guest bath or master bathroom, we’ve got that covered, too. The variety of shades within our HYDRO COLLECTION come in grouted and groutless options that are warmer to the touch, kinder to your feet and easier to care for than traditional ceramic or porcelain tile.

Bathroom Flooring Faq

What Flooring Is Best For Small Bathrooms?

The size of your bathroom doesn’t change the most important thing you need from the flooring you select for the space: Make sure your flooring choice is waterproof.

Beyond that, it’s largely a matter of preference. For example, you can choose a lighter, waterproof hardwood or engineered tile to make your space feel larger, or splurge on a look you love because the smaller surface area makes it more affordable.

What’s A Flooring Option For The Bathroom That’s Not Tile?

As long as your flooring is fully waterproof (not just moisture-resistant), it can work in your bathroom. Note: Correct installation is essential to maintaining waterproof properties. That’s why our low, all-inclusive quotes always include installation by our team of certified installers.

Can You Put Hardwoods In The Bathroom?

If they’re from our SOLO Acadia line of hardwood floors, yes, you can! These real wood floors are 100% waterproof thanks to a combination of water-tight joints and a moisture-resistant finish. Plus, they come in a range of woods, stains and finishes tailored to your taste.

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