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Berber, Pattern, Frieze & Texture Defined

Raise your hand if you knew when you started shopping for carpet how many choices you’d need to make to arrive at the right floor covering for your home and lifestyle.

We get it – from color to pattern, material to pile height, carpet style to backing and padding, the options can be overwhelming.

As the Charlotte region’s premier flooring company, we’ve simplified the selection process by hand-picking only the best-performing products for our curated carpet collection.

But that’s not all: Our talented designers are here to help you navigate your options so you can feel confident in choosing a carpet style that fits your taste, budget and the way you live.

Here’s a primer on the four carpet styles you’ll see in our Blakeney, South End and Lake Norman showrooms:

Berber Loop

This carpet style has dense, looped strands and a low profile for a clean, low-maintenance look. It’s also available in a patterned loop style, which usually has two to three different loop heights to create pattern effects. Berber is casual, durable, reliable and ideal for high-traffic areas.

Shop berber loop carpets in our ECHO COLLECTION.


Ideal for formal rooms or areas where you’d like to make a statement, the varying loop and cut height yarns in pattern carpets translate to an artistic and sophisticated look. This carpet style provides a variety of surface textures, including sculpted effects of squares, chevrons or swirls, and its multicolored effects hide soil and stains and handle traffic beautifully.

Shop pattern carpets in our ECHO COLLECTION.

Shag / Frieze

If you’re looking for a casual, comfortable feel, shag or frieze (pronounced “freeze”) carpet is a good pick. Its high, twisted yarns are long and crimped for a relaxed look. As an added bonus, the long twists create dimension and visual interest, plus a bouncy, springy feeling underfoot.

Shop shag / frieze carpets in our VERSO COLLECTION.

Texture Construction

Known for its stylish and casual look, a texture carpet style features long, crimped yarns and works for any room. Its higher pile gives a super-soft feel and helps hide footprints and vacuum tracks. This is the most popular carpet style on the market.

Shop texture carpets in our VERSO COLLECTION.

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