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5 Tips For Getting Shareworthy Shots Of Your New Floors

Think your new floors have what it takes to be social media stars?

If they’re hardwood, laminated wood, luxury vinyl plank, carpet or tile from MyNewFloor.com, we know they look great and perform beautifully. 😉

The best part of any flooring project is getting the chance to show it off when it’s done, so for that we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite smartphone photo and video tips to help your floors shine on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or wherever you choose to share them.

Let’s get snapping.

Tidy Up

First things first: Remove distractions from your shot. Place common clutter like loose mail on the table, shoes or bags out of frame. Keep the focus on your floors, not the snacks or car keys on the kitchen counter.

Also, it probably goes without saying, but make sure your floors are clean before you shoot.

Follow The Light

You don’t need a professional lighting setup to get great snaps of your new floors. Pay attention to how natural light moves across your room throughout the day. Shoot when you have bright, indirect sunlight and, if possible, capture shots with your back to the light.

Get Low

Instead of positioning your smartphone camera at chest or eye level standing up, try getting low or shooting on a downward angle. This will help put the emphasis on your floor and make it the hero of your shot. You can even turn your phone upside down for a unique perspective.


The beauty of smartphone photography is that, in the span of just a few minutes, you can take a bunch of shots, quickly review, delete the duds and keep the ones you like best. Try playing with your phone’s standard and portrait modes for photos and cinematic mode for video.

Touch it up

The easiest way to make your new floor photos go from nice to niiiiice? A little bit of editing! You don’t need to be a pro or pay for apps. Use your phone’s built-in editing tools to brighten and straighten your shots (pick a horizontal line in your shot you can use for reference).

Share It

That’s it! In just a few minutes, you can shoot share-worthy photos or videos of your new floors that will inspire your friends, family and other homeowners to step up their own flooring game.

Now all that’s left to do is share your finished shots to Facebook or Instagram and tag @mynewfloorcom so we can feature your new floors for our followers, too!