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Flooring Faq: Can Hardwood Floors Be Steam-cleaned?

There’s nothing like the look of real wood floors to make a room feel polished and pulled together. The process of selecting your new hardwoods, though, can feel daunting.

From the choice between solid hardwood and more durable engineered wood, to wood species, stain and finish, there’s a lot to consider. When shopping, it’s also important to weigh lifestyle factors such as kid- and pet-friendliness, ability to stand up to high traffic, etc.

We work hard to simplify the process of researching, selecting and installing new hardwood floors you love. All of the real wood floors in our SOLO COLLECTION are made from wood sourced in the Appalachian region, and feature enhanced water-, stain-, scratch- and dent-resistance, so your investment keeps looking like new for years to come.

They’re also backed by our worry-free guarantee, and all materials and installation costs are built into our low, all-inclusive pricing.

Here’s what else to know when shopping for your new hardwood floors:

What Hardwood Floors Are Best For Dogs?

If you’ve got dogs or cats at home, you’ll want hardwood floors that can stand up to rough-and-tumble playtime, zoomies, water bowl spills and house-training accidents. Our SOLO Acadia line not only features hardwood floors dogs can’t scratch, but they’re also fully waterproof, stain-resistant, dent-resistant and eco-friendly.

Are Hardwood Floors Waterproof?

No, not all hardwood floors are waterproof – but our Acadia real wood floors are, thanks to a combination of watertight interlocking joints and a water-resistant premium finish.

Though not fully waterproof, other hardwood floors in our SOLO COLLECTION can get wet. Whether your floors are waterproof or water-resistant, wipe up spills and other mishaps as soon as you see them to keep your floors looking great long-term.

Can Hardwood Floors Be Mopped Or Steam Cleaned?

When in doubt, always check your manufacturer’s warranty for hardwood floor care and cleaning instructions.

For example, the floors in our Acadia line can occasionally be cleaned with a water-only, well-wrung wet mop or a residential steam mop with a microfiber pad and temperature on the lowest setting. For other floors in our SOLO COLLECTION, a dry to damp, well-wrung mop is recommended, and steam cleaners should not be used.

Which Hardwood Floor Cleaner Is Best?

Most manufacturers do not recommend using detergents, abrasive cleaners or soaps to clean your hardwood floors.

For our Acadia line, clean with 1 cup of vinegar per gallon of water OR 1/3 cup non-sudsing ammonia per gallon of water if needed (though occasional wet mopping with just water on a well-wrong mop is preferred). No other floors in our SOLO COLLECTION should be cleaned with any liquid cleaner.

Which Hardwood Flooring Is The Most Durable?

All of the hardwood floors in our curated collection were specially selected for their durability. This means they’re kid- and pet-friendly as well as moisture-, stain-, scuff-, scratch- and dent-resistant.

In short, the real wood floors in our SOLO COLLECTION are built to take whatever your busy home throws at them, and continue looking great long after they’re installed.

Will Hardwood Floors Darken Over Time?

Whether your hardwood floors darken over time – and how much – depends on two things.

First, certain wood species are more prone to darkening. Cherry, for example, has a high rate of photosynthesis and can darken as much as five shades in as little as three months. Second, the finish that’s applied to the top of real wood starts clear but turns amber over time, which also contributes to a darker look.

If you’re looking for real wood floors that won’t darken, consider the white oak options in our SOLO Acadia line. These floors won’t darken over time, making them a great choice for spaces with lots of natural light or in locations where you plan to use area rugs.

What Hardwood Floors Are In Style For 2023?

The hardwood flooring trend that’s hot in Charlotte now is lighter stains. Whether you’re planning a seasonal spruce-up or designing from scratch, light wood species (like the white oak in our Acadia line) paired with light stains can brighten any space.

Are Hardwood Floors Expensive?

They don’t have to be! When you shop with us, you’ll receive a low, all-inclusive price per-square-foot that includes all materials, expert installation, furniture removal, demolition and more. No surprises, no hidden fees – just high-quality, high-performance floors you’ll love.

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