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Hand-selected for you. Browse our curated collections of flooring:

the soLo collection

Explore the unmistakable presence of real wood floors in Charlotte, NC
Hardwood is a wise investment, enhancing the value of your home and providing quality for a lifetime.

the evo collection

Elevate your space with luxury vinyl flooring in Charlotte, NC
Tough enough to withstand scratches, stains and dents, LVP is ideal for homes with kids, pets and high-traffic areas.

the ECHO collection

Unveil the perfect patterned carpets for style and comfort in Charlotte, NC
Our stunning patterned styles include geometric squares, chevrons, and swirls, perfect for hiding soil and stains between cleanings.

the NOVO collection

Discover unparalleled laminated wood flooring solutions in Charlotte, NC
With advanced construction, laminated wood is one of the most versatile, durable, and easy-to-maintain flooring materials available.

the VERSO collection

Discover the incredible touch and appearance of textured carpet in Charlotte, NC
Enjoy the supreme softness of textured carpets, while finding dynamic flooring solutions for your home.

the CANTO collection

Unveil the artistry of nature with premium wood flooring in Charlotte, NC
Customize your real hardwood floors with our premium collection in a variety of species, colors, grades, widths, lengths and grains.