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Your best daily care steps will be to effectively remove dirt, dust, and pet dander before they become abrasive to the face of your beautiful rugs! Ensure that your vacuum model is suitable to your specific rug type and consult with your rug manufacturer before purchasing a robot vacuum. Vacuum daily or sweep as frequently as possible to remove particles as best you can. If your rugs cannot be vacuumed, take them outside and shake particles off the old-fashioned way!

Purchase and use an area rug pad to help your rug resist crushing better and wear more evenly. Use mats at all entranceways, keep all pet nails and claws trimmed, and have all footwear removed by the door during rainy or inclement weather.

Cleaning Area Rugs |

Area Rugs SPILLS

Although spills on your area rugs can occur, there’s no need to stress when you’re prepared! Treat spills as soon as possible to prevent a stain from forming and absorption into the rug, especially if it features a shaggy or super plush construction. Gently lift any solid food or material with a spoon and paper towels. Starting from the outside of the spill and working towards the center, gently blot the stain with a clean, dry cloth and warm water. Double-check with your rug manufacturer's guidelines that you can use a gentle carper-specific cleaner to treat the spot if needed. We recommend a professional cleaning for your area rugs annually as part of your care routine.


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