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WHY CHOOSE hardwood?

No one can deny the unmistakable presence and natural beauty of genuine hardwood floors inside a home! With natural character, distinct markings, organic knots, and eye-catching graining patterns, wood floors become an artistic slice of nature that residents and visitors alike will appreciate. In fact, hardwood floors are an investment that raises the value of your property with durability to last for decades. Easy to maintain and inherently tough, wood floors can handle high foot traffic and activity.

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TYPES OF hardwood

Which stunning hardwood species will you select to elevate your favorite spaces? Each wood variety showcases unique organic tones and shades, and also boasts different hardness levels and properties that will serve your home. Depending on the light your room receives, you can explore how different wood finishes and textures will enhance the vibe and design theme you aim to achieve. Additionally, different plank formats and sizes will create the ideal finished floor. 


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Explore the unmistakable presence of real wood floors in Charlotte, NC
Hardwood is a wise investment, enhancing the value of your home and providing quality for a lifetime.

Installation & Maintenance

When it comes to installing and caring for striking hardwood floors, homeowners in the Charlotte, NC area can rely on the expertise of the MyNewFloor.com flooring professionals.