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Your best daily hardwood care steps will be to effectively remove dirt, dust, and pet dander before they become abrasive to the face of your attractive planks! Sweep with a soft bristle broom, dust-mop, or vacuum daily or as frequently as possible to remove particles as best you can. Disengage the beater bar on your vacuum to prevent scratches and consult with your hardwood manufacturer before purchasing a robot vacuum. Use area rugs in your common rooms and high-traffic areas, mats at all entranceways, keep all pet nails and claws trimmed, and have all footwear removed by the door during rainy or inclement weather.

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hardwood SPILLS

Hardwood floors are easy to care for, but excess moisture can affect their appearance so treat spills as promptly as you can. Gently lift any solid food or material with a spoon and paper towels. Use a gentle, approved cleaner that's hardwood-specific to treat the remaining liquid spill. Follow directions carefully and dry the floor with a clean cloth afterward. If your wood floors are warranted for Swiffer systems or mopping, use only as much water as needed and dry afterward. Use hardwood touch-up kits and concealers as needed.


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