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Flooring Faq: Is Soft Carpet Weak?

You love the idea of soft, plush carpet underfoot as you step out of bed in the morning or snuggle up with your pup on the living room floor after a long day, but maybe you’re hesitant to invest in a floor covering you’re not confident can stand up to the normal wear of everyday life.

If you’ve ever second-guessed soft carpet because you thought it was a weak material, you’re not alone – but we have good news.

What Makes Carpet Soft

To understand how carpet gets its super-soft feel, we first have to understand how it’s made.

The building blocks of carpet are tiny threads called filaments. Filaments comprise fibers, and fibers, in turn, are bundled together to make carpet.

Filament thickness is measured in a unit known as denier. The finer the filaments, the softer the carpet.

The denier for “normal” carpet is 20 to 24, while carpets considered “super-soft” have a typical denier of 10 to 12. Some carpets, though, can be even softer, as today’s manufacturing technologies have created filaments as small as 3 to 4 denier.

A single strand of silk, for reference, is 1 denier.

How Carpet Can Be Both Soft And Sturdy

Think of your favorite linen top or set of sheets: the higher the thread count, the stronger the fabric.

In the case of carpet, the more filaments per square inch, the stronger the floor covering – so for soft touch and durability, look for carpets with a high number of filaments per square inch and a low denier.

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