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What Is High-performance Pet Carpet?

So you’re shopping for new carpet for a high-traffic space like your living room, family room or playroom, and you’ve heard a bit about the benefits of high-performance PET carpet.

Wondering what it is, how it’s made and whether it’s right for you? Read on.

What Is High-performance Pet Carpet?

While high-performance PET (short for polyethylene terephthalate) carpets are designed to last longer than nylon carpets, you should know they’re not all made the same.

How High-performance Pet Carpet Is Made

The hand-selected texture carpets in our VERSO COLLECTION are high-performance PET carpets created using a six-step process that ensures they stand up to your busy home now and for years to come:

Manufactured With Longer, Pull-resistant Fibers

PET carpets start in the form of a polymer pellet that’s melted down into a solution. That solution is drawn into long, continuous strands of a single-ply fiber called bulk continuous filament (BCF). Unlike the staple fiber in regular polyester and nylon carpets, BCF resists shedding and pulling – the latter of which is especially attractive if you have pets at home.

Colored Throughout

The polymer in PET carpets has built-in stain resistance because it’s solution-dyed. This means the color goes all the way through the polymer so it won’t fade, wear off or stain.

No matter how careful you can be, spills happen. Check out our tips for how to remove nine common carpet stains to keep your flooring looking like new.

Twisted For Form And Function

The high-performance PET carpets in our VERSO COLLECTION feature two cones of a BCF single-ply fiber that are twisted together to create a two-ply fiber. This creates a stronger, more durable carpet and allows for various fiber color combinations.

Heated For Longevity

Heat is applied to the two-ply fiber to lock the twist in place. This process increases longevity by preventing the fiber from unraveling, which, in turn, maximizes its wearability.

Tufted For Texture

The cones of twisted, heat-set fiber are tufted with needles into the main carpet backing. This is when the manufacturer customizes carpet features like pile height, density and weight, and creates different textures, patterns and loops.

Coated For Stability

The last step is to attach a secondary backing to the tufted primary backing using a thin, smooth layer of latex to reinforce stability and ensure easy installation.

Our VERSO COLLECTION combines these two layers of backing with SpillGuard carpet padding for extra water- and stain-resistance.

Pet Carpet’s Features And Benefits

High-performance PET carpets are a great choice for any high-traffic area in your home, or homes with pets and kids. They are:

  • Easy to clean, even with a bleach solution
  • Fade-resistant in prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Resistant to coffee, red wine, mustard, chocolate and other tough stains
  • Backed by an industry-leading, 25-year wear warranty
  • Pet-friendly and worry-free
  • Environmentally friendly, using 30% less energy, 87% less water and emitting 42% fewer greenhouse gasses during manufacturing than ordinary carpets

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