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Lvp 101: What You Need To Know About Your Floor’s Core

The beauty of high-quality luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring isn’t just in the incredibly realistic image layer you can see – it’s also in the resilient, durable core that lies beneath the surface.

But that doesn’t mean all LVP cores are created equal.

The LVP styles in our EVO COLLECTION are hand-selected from Shaw Floors and other leading manufacturers because they stand out from other luxury vinyl plank flooring choices.

Read on to see what sets’s EVO COLLECTION apart from the competition.

Is All Luxury Vinyl Plank Made The Same?

No, and this can translate to differences in flooring quality. An LVP’s core – the layer that gives it its durability – is made of stone polymer composite (SPC) or wood-plastic composite (WPC). SPC is more durable than WPC.

All of the LVP floors in our EVO COLLECTION feature a dense SPC core that is superior to WPC alternatives.

In addition, the percentage of individual materials comprising an SPC or WPC core can vary dramatically. Again, this affects a floor’s durability.

What Is Stone Polymer Composite?

SPC is one of the four layers within luxury vinyl plank flooring. It’s sandwiched by backing on the bottom and an image layer (printed to look like real wood) on top. A fourth wear layer sits on top of the image layer to help your floors further stand up to everyday use.

When shopping for LVP floors, it isn’t enough to know they feature an SPC core. That’s because the composition of that core can vary dramatically from product to product. While many LVP floors available at home improvement stores feature a 5 percent (or lower) mineral core,’s LVP floors feature up to an industry-leading 70 percent limestone center. This added density makes our EVO COLLECTION up to 25 times more dent-resistant than other vinyl plank offerings.

Why Choose Lvp Floors With An Spc Core?

LVP floors made with an SPC core offer a number of benefits for high traffic areas and families with kids and pets. Among them:


Though LVP floors made with SPC cores are typically slightly more expensive than those made with WPC material, we’re able to offer customers LVP with SPC at a lower cost than WPC thanks to our manufacturer relationships.


The EVO COLLECTION’s dense mineral core makes it one of the toughest flooring collections available.


All of the products in this collection have water-tight joints, making them great choices for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, utility areas and playrooms.


Choose from seven realistic styles in a range of colors and finishes that beautifully mimic real wood’s color and texture.

Low Maintenance

You have better things to do than spend hours scrubbing your floors. LVP cleans in minutes so you can get on with your day.

Easy To Install

Leave this step to our Certified Installers, all of whom have at least five years of experience and have completed rigorous training.

What Are The Other Benefits Of The Evo Collection?

Several floors in the EVO COLLECTION also feature our StainGuard and ScratchGuard premium technologies, which provide five times more protection against stains, soil and scratches than ordinary poly finishes.

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