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Spillguard: Carpet Padding With A Moisture Barrier

If you’ve ever wondered whether the carpet padding you pick really matters, consider this:

The best way to prevent a spill or pet accident from doing damage to your subfloor is to stop it from soaking through your carpet in the first place.

The best way to do that? Choose carpet padding with a moisture barrier.

It might sound too good to be true, but all of the texture carpets in our VERSO COLLECTION feature our SpillGuard moisture barrier padding at no extra charge.

This water-resistant, stain-resistant technology stops spills and accidents from soaking through your cushion so you can blot them from your carpet quickly and easily. The result: virtually damage-proof, stink-free carpet that looks like new long after it was installed.

But the benefits of our SpillGuard carpet padding don’t stop there:

Customized Density And Thickness

Our premium 8-pound density, 1/2″ thickness SpillGuard carpet padding comes standard with all carpets in our VERSO COLLECTION.


SpillGuard technology is unlikely to cause allergic reactions – and, because it’s a moisture barrier, it can actually stop allergy-causing mold and mildew from growing.

Reduced Noise

Installing carpet padding is a great way to reduce noise that travels within and between rooms, and add an extra layer of quiet to your space.

Added Insulation

A quality carpet and padding combo can be an exceptional added layer of insulation, which may reduce hot and cold air loss (and, by extension, your home’s heating and cooling costs).

Green Label Plus-certified

Our SpillGuard padding isn’t just water-resistant. It’s also CRI Green Label Plus-certified to meet the most stringent criteria for non-toxic, low-chemical emissions.

Recycled – And Recyclable

SpillGuard technology is made from 90 percent recycled materials and is itself 100 percent recyclable.

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