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What To Know About Carpet Face Weight

The first thing to know about carpet face weight: It’s not as important as you might think.

Surprised? Stay with us.

A carpet’s face weight is a measure, in ounces, of the weight of the carpet pile per square yard.

It’s solely a measure of the carpet’s fibers. This is not the same as the carpet’s total weight, which also includes the weight of its backing.

Though face weight is a factor to consider when shopping for new carpet, in most instances, it’s not the factor because it needs to be considered in context.

To truly understand a carpet’s construction and potential for longevity, you need to consider six key elements of the manufacturing process, including the material and manufacturing of its fibers, as well as the carpet’s twist, density, heat setting and tufting.

A high-performance PET carpet (named for a type of polyester fiber) might have a lower face weight than a lower-quality carpet. A 40-ounce carpet with a 25-year wear warranty, for example, will outperform a 60-ounce carpet with a 5-year wear warranty.

Said another way: A higher face weight does not necessarily indicate a more durable carpet. It’s only useful to use face weight as a selection consideration when every other factor – such as whether the carpets you’re comparing are made from the same fiber, use single-ply or two-ply construction, feature the same pile height and texture, etc. – is equal.

Otherwise, using face weight to compare carpets is just comparing apples to oranges.


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