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Estimating Costs: How Much Is Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation?

Are you a homeowner looking to upgrade to new flooring? Or you could have a DIY project where you plan a total flooring removal of your existing flooring before installing new luxury vinyl tile flooring. Either way, understanding the costs involved is key to a successful outcome.

Estimating the cost of luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring installation is crucial in any home improvement project. The right choice of flooring enhances the aesthetics of your space and influences its functionality.

While the appeal of vinyl plank flooring lies in its durability in high-traffic areas, overall water resistance, and versatility, having the proper professional installation done ensures those benefits truly shine.

In this article, we’ll review the various factors contributing to the wide price range of installing vinyl plank flooring in your home.

So, whether you’re tackling a full renovation or just looking to give your space a fresh look, let’s dive into the costs and considerations for your vinyl plank flooring project.

Factors Affecting Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Costs

The average cost of luxury vinyl plank flooring installation can vary significantly based on several key factors that you should consider before embarking on your project. Understanding these factors will help you estimate the overall expenses and ensure a successful installation.

Here are the main factors to know:

Flooring Material Costs

Vinyl plank flooring comes in various options, from low-end and budget-friendly to high-end luxury styles. Depending on your chosen option, it can fall on either end of the pricing spectrum, ranging from $250 to $4,600 per room to install. Find a choice that suits your budget and design preferences.

MyNewFloor.com’s Evo Collection boasts a wide range of vinyl plank products for you to go through for your specific square foot considerations.

Room Size And Layout

The size and layout of the room where you intend to install vinyl plank flooring can influence the labor required and, consequently, the installation cost.

For example, a living room space would take up more vinyl plank than a smaller-sized kitchen outlet. Thus, different room configurations can affect your budget.

Subfloor Condition

The condition of your existing subfloor is critical in determining the overall cost.

If your existing subfloor is level and smooth, it provides an excellent foundation for vinyl plank flooring installation. However, if the subfloor is uneven, damaged, or requires leveling, additional work and materials will be needed, leading to increased costs.

The material of your subfloor can also affect costs. Plywood subfloors are commonly used for vinyl plank flooring and provide a stable base.

However, if you have a concrete subfloor in some areas, additional preparation, like moisture barrier installation, might be necessary, adding to the overall costs.

We recommend a subfloor evaluation to prevent future problems and guarantee the longevity of your vinyl plank flooring. Here’s a handy checklist you can also go over to inspect and test your subfloors.


Underlayment refers to the layer between the subfloor and the wear layer of the vinyl plank flooring. The cost of underlayment materials varies depending on factors like the type of underlayment, its thickness, and the quality of the material.

Standard options include foam, cork, rubber, and high-density fiberboard (HDF). Prices can vary significantly between these options, with more premium materials generally costing more. Thicker underlayment often comes at a higher price but with better sound insulation and support for the vinyl planks.

Choosing the right underlayment plays a significant role in noise reduction, establishing moisture barriers, and ensuring the longevity of your vinyl planks.

Labor Costs

The vinyl flooring installation costs with labor vary depending on a number of factors such as:

  • Room size (sq. ft.)
  • Subfloor condition (and level of repair required, if any)
  • The complexity of the job (how time-consuming it is)
  • The type of installation done (glue-down versus click-lock/click-together installation methods)

The rule of thumb is the more complex the project, the higher the labor cost.

Additional Services

In addition to the standard installation process, several extra services may be necessary during vinyl plank flooring installation:

  • Floor Leveling: This process ensures a smooth and stable surface for the vinyl plank flooring. It can add to the labor costs and involve materials like self-leveling compounds.
  • Moisture Barrier: A moisture barrier may be needed depending on the room’s location and the type of subfloor. This barrier helps protect the vinyl flooring from moisture damage. It can be particularly crucial in basements, bathrooms, and other high-moisture areas.
  • Subfloor Repair: Additional work will be required to restore the condition if the subfloor is damaged or needs repairs. This work may involve patching, reinforcing, or replacing damaged sections.

At MyNewFloor.com, we offer comprehensive vinyl plank flooring installation services that cover all aspects of the installation process. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Estimating Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Costs

Planning a vinyl plank flooring installation project involves several crucial steps for estimating costs accurately. By following this step-by-step guide, homeowners can gain a clear picture of the expenses involved and make informed budget decisions:

  1. Measure the Room Size

Accurate measurements are a must for determining the flooring material you’ll need. Measure the room’s length and width, and don’t forget to account for any nooks, crannies, or irregularities in the structure.

  1. Select the Flooring Material

Choose the vinyl plank flooring that aligns with your style and budget. Keep in mind that vinyl plank options vary in price, so understanding your preferences and budget is crucial.

  1. Assess Subfloor Conditions

Evaluate the condition of your existing subfloor. Any issues, such as unevenness or damage, may need to be addressed before installation. An experienced professional should inspect the subfloor and provide guidance on necessary repairs.

  1. Speak with a Professional

Make sure to discuss the type of underlayment needed, identify any extra services if required, and get a clear understanding of the labor costs involved.

The Value Of Professional Installation

Having professionals install the vinyl planks for you offers various advantages.

Trained professionals have the expertise to handle all aspects of the installation process and know how to efficiently work while minimizing disruptions to your home. They can address any underlying issues, ensuring a stable foundation for your new vinyl plank flooring.

Additionally, they will recommend and expertly install the appropriate underlayment, a crucial component of a successful vinyl plank installation.

Professional installers are also skilled at cutting and fitting the vinyl planks precisely, providing a flawless finish and ensuring that the flooring will be durable and maintain its appearance over time.

At MyNewFloor.com, we understand the value of professional installation. Our All-Inclusive Pricing strategy reflects out commitment to excellence. This strategy provides you:

  • Transparent, upfront, and cost-effective pricing that covers all aspects of your project
  • No hidden fees or surprise additional costs
  • A warranty for your long-term satisfaction
  • A hassle-free, seamless experience with dedicated professionals to work diligently alongside you

With MyNewFloor.com, you can ensure your vinyl plank flooring project is successful.

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